Welcome to my scratchpad!

Welcome to my scratchpad!

TL;DR This is a new blog site that Iโ€™m trying out and itโ€™s simultaneously a lab: a way for me to test many new tools and technologies, a way to float my ideas, and, maybe, also get some feedback on them


Over the years, I have had countless ideas for blogs: reiterating ideas I have heard, expanding on them, synthesizing my learnings, or simply collating some great resources that I found in one place

Several of them I have worked out to a full outline (forever grateful for the Pyramid principle by Barbara Minto), but I have published only a tiny fraction of them privately and exactly zero publicly.

Root-cause Analysis

The three main reasons were:

But, benefits?!

But I saw clear benefits:

So what has changed?

If I can formulate the challenges in the past, I can work around them.

Here is what Iโ€™ll do:

If you have read this far, thank you!

Have you struggled with the same? How did you solve it? I would love to know (although I do need to set up the comments functionality, so bear with me...)

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