ProToPortal: The Portal to the Magic of PromptingTools


ProToPortal streamlines your interaction with any LLM tasks on the go, offering customizable templates for automatic replies, direct code evaluation, and an intuitive, multi-device interface. Explore its full capabilities and enhance your productivity on GitHub.

Unveiling ProToPortal: A Julia-First LLM GUI built with Stipple.jl!

Hello, fellow GenAI enthusiasts! Today, I'm thrilled to introduce ProToPortal, a nifty tool born from my own need to simplify my daily interactions with Julia and AI models. It's a small but mighty project aimed at boosting productivity and minimizing those pesky prompting hassles.

Why ProToPortal?

Ever found yourself on a leisurely walk with your dog, struck by a sudden coding inspiration that just couldn't wait? That's exactly where ProToPortal comes into play. This tool isn't just another coding interface; it's your on-the-go, in-your-pocket coding companion, ready to tackle tasks from simple prompts to complex code evaluations—all before you've even finished your walk!

Cool Features to Check Out:

More Handy Features:

For a complete list of features, including detailed explanations and how-tos, be sure to check out ProToPortal's Documentation.

See It in Action:

Curious to see how it works in real time?

Check out this video where it auto-fixes the generated code: Code fixing recording.

And here's another cool feature—watch how ProToPortal handles editing a conversation: Editing a conversation.

Give It a Try!

Ready to dive in? Visit ProToPortal's GitHub to get started. It's open source, and I'm eager to hear your thoughts or see your contributions!

Thanks for checking out ProToPortal. Happy coding, and let the code be with you!

Big thank you to the Genie.jl team! This tool wouldn't exist without their amazing packages!

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