The Latest Scoop on PromptingTools.jl


PromptingTools.jl just got a hefty update with several new versions, packed with new models, enhanced AI tools, and easier dataset prep, all thanks to a coffee-fueled solo developer who's now inviting others to join the coding party through GitHub issues. Dive in, contribute, and let's make magic together!

Dive Into the Latest and (Maybe) Greatest PromptingTools.jl Updates!

Hello, Julia enthusiasts and AI aficionados! We've been busy tinkering in the Julia workshop, and guess what? We’ve rolled out not one, not two, but EIGHT new sub-versions of PromptingTools.jl! That’s right, we’ve been on a coding spree, fueled by too much coffee and an unyielding passion for making your lives a tad easier (and ours a bit more caffeinated).

Start with:

using Pkg
using PromptingTools
ai"How could I have lived without PromptingTools.jl for so long?"
## [ Info: Tokens: 138 @ Cost: $0.0002 in 5.4 seconds
## AIMessage("It's great to hear that you've found PromptingTools.jl to be a valuable tool! PromptingTools.jl is designed to streamline your workflow...

What’s Fresh in PromptingTools.jl?

Supercharged Model Shenanigans

Revamped RAGTools: Sleek, Fast, and Flexible

RAGTools has received a major upgrade, making your AI adventures smoother and speedier:

Dataset Prep & Nifty Utilities

For the Adventurous Souls

Improvements & Bug Squashing

We’ve polished, tweaked, and outright cajoled PromptingTools.jl into a better version of itself, all while fixing those pesky bugs that love to play hide and seek.

Looking Forward (With Goggles On)

We're as excited as a kid in a candy store about these updates and can’t wait to see what you'll build, debug, or accidentally break with them. Your projects are the real MVPs here, and we’re just here to supply the tools (and occasionally entertain).

So, grab the latest version of PromptingTools.jl, unleash your creativity, and remember: in the world of coding, the journey is half the fun, and the other half? Well, that’s debugging. Happy coding, and may your coffee be strong and your bugs few!

A Solo Journey (But Open to Hitchhikers):

Plot twist: PromptingTools.jl has been mostly a solo quest. However, I’ve started mapping out all my wild ideas and to-dos on GitHub as issues, inviting anyone who's keen to pitch in or tackle something that sparks their interest. It’s a chance to dive into the fray and help shape the future of this project. So, if you’re up for a bit of coding camaraderie, come join the adventure! The ultimate goal is to stabilize the functionality and interfaces and transfer it under JuliaGenAI organization for faster development.

EDIT: The longer-term hope is to write an agent that will create all the PRs automatically :)

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